St. Mary’s Organ




St. Mary’s was fortunate to have had a Kilgen Pipe organ that served the worshiping community for many years in the choir loft since the 1920’s.  During the mid 1980’s the instrument was in need of a total reconstruction even after repairs and cleaning, the mechanism was shot.  The façade or pipes that you currently see in the choir loft are from the Kilgen.  The Three manual  Rodgers 840 Instrument was installed and there was still hope of eventually connecting the pipes to the new electronic console.

In March of 2008, an Organ Fund Committee was established to help funds for a new organ.  After consulting  three different organ companies, an   approximate goal of $200,000 was determined.    The funds would purchase a used  instrument, pay for the removal, restoration, and installation.  Through generous bequests, fundraisers, donations, and organ concerts, we raised over $59,000.