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mid-summer2010028 Music Director: Nathaniel Weil

Office: 810 329-7801


Music and song are more than an embellishment of worship; they are themsevles part of the liturgical action.  Solemn sacred music….. is not therefore a kind of addition that frames the liturgy and makes it more pleasing but an important means of active participation in worship.

Pope Benedict, XVI; Alte Kapelle, Regensburg

The New Mass Settings

Latin Chant Mass:  Jubilate Deo

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Sheet Music

Kyrie Chant, Mass XVI, Mode III


Gloria Chant, Mode II

Gloria 1 of 2  Gloria 2 of 2

Sursum Corda (Preface Dialogue)

Sursum Corda

Sanctus Chant, Mode VIII


Memorial Acclamation 1 Chant, Mode VIII

Mysterium Fidei Mortem tuam…

Pater Noster (Lord’s Prayer) Chant, Solemn Tone

Pater Noster

Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) Mass XVIII, Chant

Agnus Dei

Mass of Christ the Savior by Dan Schutte.

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click “Listen to Music” under the Mass of Redemption. A new window will open, then click “listen” and click on different parts of the mass.

Mass of Redemption

We will be using the sung respones from the Mass of Creation by Marty Haugen beginning with the Lent/Easter Season 2014.

The Mass of Creation revised edition