First Communion & Reconciliation

Children are prepared for Reconciliation in Grade 2. Students learn about the formation of his/her own Catholic conscience, so as to grow in moral awareness. The student is taught to examine his/her own life actions in light of Jesus’ examples. Bible stories are used to present examples of the effect of sin and to understand the difference between accident, mistake, and sin, and how important it is to choose God’s way-the right way. All children in 2nd grade who will be celebrating First Eucharist will celebrate First Reconciliation in 2nd grade as well.

In addition to the material covered in the textbook, the 2nd graders will learn to celebrate the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. The importance of the Mass is stressed throughout the year. The two principle parts of the Mass, Liturgy of the Word and Eucharist, will be explained. Each student will grow in his/her desire to receive Jesus. Individual readiness will determine the reception of the Holy Eucharist. All 2nd graders and their parents will participate in a First Communion retreat as well as a Reconciliation retreat.


Dates for 2nd Graders


+++First Reconciliation & First Communion Parent Meeting

October 3, 2017

6:30PM School Activities Room

+++First Communion Enrollment Mass+++
October 29th, 2017 8:30AM

+++Scapular Mass+++
January 28th, 2018  8:30AM Mass

+++First Communion Retreat+++
April 14th, 2018 9-11:30AM  in the School Activities Room

+++First Reconciliation Retreat+++
February 3, 2018  9:30am-11:30am in the School Activities Room

+++First Reconciliation+++
February 24, 2018 at 11am in Church

+++First Communion Practice (Group A)+++
April 25, 2018     5pm in Church

+++First Communion Practice (Group B)+++
April 26, 2018   5pm in Church

+++First Communion (Group A)+++
 8:30am Mass

+++First Communion (Group B)+++
 11:30am Mass

+++Corpus Christi+++


The above dates are all of the mandatory events/Masses/meetings for 2nd graders and/or their parents this year.

Please mark these dates on your calendar.