Emergency/Snow Closings




TUESDAYS—The Religious Ed. Department policy is that when East China school buses do not run and/or school is cancelled because of poor weather conditions, we will NOT have classes that evening. If we decide to cancel Tuesday classes during the day while classes are in on a Tuesday, we will call all necessary schools to ask them to announce our cancellation. We also call local radio stations, leave a message on our recorder, and place signs on the doors in case one of our messages failed to reach you.

SUNDAYS—If the decision has been made to cancel classes on Sundays due to weather, we will attempt to get the message out in several ways. We will have an announcement made in church, and notices will be posted on the main doors. Also, your child’s catechist will attempt to call your home that morning.

REMIND texting service—We have also invited parents who have provided us with cell phone numbers to join a network of text messaging that will be used to communicate emergency closings.  If you opted into the Remind texting network, you will be notified via text message when there is an emergency closing on both Tuesday and Sunday as well.