All Confirmation students are asked to go to Confession this morning after 9am daily Mass.

***CONFIRMATION PRACTICE*** April 30, 2018 at 6:30pm in church

A sponsor or parent must attend with the candidate.

***CONFIRMATION*** Tuesday, May 1st, 2018, 7:00pm Mass


The Confirmation program at St. Mary’s consists of several components which includes, but is not limited to, the following:


  • The purpose of the faith-sharing program is to have the sponsor assist the parents in leading their children to love and serve God in daily life.
  • Each candidate will meet monthly with his or her sponsor for prayer, sharing, and discussion.
  • Beginning in November, the candidate will complete five faith-sharing sheets with their sponsor.
  • The candidate should complete the faith sharing questionnaire during the time with their sponsor. They will turn in this sheet to their teacher by the date indicated on the top of each faith sharing sheet. The sponsors may wish to write comments as well. Their feedback will help us make this a more meaningful experience for the Confirmation candidates.

** CHOSEN by Ascension Press**

The program the 7th and 8th graders in our parish Religious Ed. program use to prepare them for Confirmation, as well as to catechize them in general, is Chosen by Ascension Press.  Chosen is a twenty-four-lesson program that provides everything needed to prepare students both intellectually and spiritually to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, and to become lifelong disciples of Christ. All too often teens drift away from the Church after Confirmation. Chosen seeks to reverse this trend by winning over the hearts of teens at a critical time in their lives and keeping them firmly planted within the faith community of the Church.

Chosen’s carefully designed methodology features highly effective and engaging material conveyed through videos, student workbooks, and group discussion with peers. Chosen has been voted by the USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishop’s) as the number one Confirmation program on the market, and came highly recommended to our parish from the Archdiocese of Detroit’s Office of Evangelization and Catechetics, agreeing Chosen is, without a doubt, one of the best Confirmation programs available today.  They described Chosen as a program that incorporates evangelization and leads the students toward conversion.

At St. Mary’s, the 7th graders work on the first 12 lessons, and the 8th graders cover the second 12 lessons.  Chosen is DVD/discussion driven.  This means the students do have a regular text book, but the main components of the program are DVD segments that the students watch–3 for each lesson–and discuss.  Each segment is full of information that explains, in a very succinct manner, on a teen’s level, everything from what the Catholic Church believes, why we believe these things and how these young men and women can and should go out into the world and be disciples of Christ.  Because the program relies so heavily on the DVD segments and the discussion that follows, 7th & 8th grade cannot be home schooled.

Ascension Press has made select video clips available online (on You Tube).  (Simply search the terms “Chosen” and “Ascension Press” in YouTube to find the clips that are available.)  Please take a moment to view these.  These would be beneficial and engaging not only for those preparing for Confirmation, but for parents, sponsors, and many other teens or adults who may have questions about our faith as well.


Service projects are works that are unpaid without any material reward.

  • Your projects should help you to take on the mind and heart of Christ, fulfill the needs of others, and build up the Christian community; your commitment to service should continue after your Confirmation and all through your life.
  • Your parents are responsible for your transportation and for your supervision, and may have to help make arrangements.
  • Your service will be recorded and offered up to God on your Confirmation day. This is your gift to God in appreciation for all He has given you.
  • Complete as many service projects as you can each month, but by your Confirmation day you will be expected to have completed at least three different projects from each category—service to church, service to community, and service to family.
  • Service to church contributes to the life of our church community by enriching our worship, furthering our formation, or enhancing our parish programs.
  • Service to Community reaches out to the wider community—people outside our family. We feed the hungry, care for the sick, visit the lonely, or help others wherever we are needed.
  • Service to Family deepens our relationships with our parents, siblings, and extended family through prayer or service.


** Interviews **

Each candidate will meet with Father Michael or another member of the Confirmation team for an interview prior to Confirmation. During the Confirmation ceremony the Bishop/celebrant will ask Father Michael if the candidates are prepared to be confirmed. The purpose of this meeting is for Father to assess whether or not the candidate is truly ready. Mass attendance in an important part of determining if the candidate is ready.

Each candidate should be able to tell their interviewer what will happen at Confirmation, why they want to be confirmed, why they chose the Confirmation (saint) name and what they know about this saint, and what service projects they have participated in and what they have learned from them.

The candidate should also be able to recite from memory any of the prayers as outlined on the 8th grade prayer sheet.

** Confirmation Retreat  March 3, 2018  9:00AM-2:00PM

• gain insight into what it means to belong to a Catholic community of faith, and get to better know the other adult and youth participants.

• share in faith discussions and prayer experiences with other youth.

• explore scripture and deepen their understanding of the teachings of Jesus, and what it means to be a Disciple of Jesus in the world today.

• consider how living out their Confirmation commitment in daily life can make a difference for good.

• reflect on their personal gifts and strengths for Discipleship, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and their response to God’s call to discipleship.

• identify ways they can continue to grow in their ability to be Confirmed Disciples in the world today.
~~Missing Confirmation Retreat~~

Last May a letter was mailed out to all parents of then 7th grade parents explaining some of the upcoming events and requirements of the 8th grade Confirmation program. The letter also included a list of important upcoming dates. One of the dates listed in this letter was the Confirmation retreat, which is Saturday,  A letter was emailed and sent home a couple of weeks ago with details about this retreat (including a permission slip). In these communications, it was clearly stated that Confirmation retreat is a mandatory part of the Confirmation program.

Our parish views this retreat to be an integral part of the preparation for the sacrament your child will be celebrating. The material presented is meant to further prepare your child for the journey they have embarked on this year.

Those who cannot attend the retreat at St. Mary’s are responsible for securing a place at another Confirmation retreat prior to March 30, 2016. (Parents are responsible for transportation for their children.) A letter of verification must be signed by the DRE or facilitator at the retreat, and mailed back to us from that parish upon completion. (See the link below for a copy of this letter.) For your convenience, several parishes in our vicariate are listed below with retreat dates, although any parish in the Archdiocese hosting a Confirmation retreat is acceptable.