Catechist Formation Opportunities


The response to the call to minister as a catechist includes willingness to share one’s time and talent in catechizing others, as well as commitment to one’s own continued growth in faith, understanding, and catechetical skills. Catechist Formation helps to bring catechists to a unified vision of Sacred Scripture, Catholic doctrine, spiritual and moral development, prayer and service. Opportunities for catechist formation are available throughout the year at different locations around the Archdiocese.

Within our vicariate, different parishes offer several different catechist formation topics that can be used toward obtaining catechist certification or that can be used toward personal growth. Catechists in the RE program are required by the parish to attend one topic per calendar year, and teachers in a Catholic elementary school are required to be fully certified and attend at least one
enrichment piece per year or be actively working toward certification.
Any person who is a parishioner at a parish in our vicariate can attend one of these classes at no cost! We will be hosting two of these classes on site at St. Mary’s in February, and there will be several others offered locally throughout the vicariate during the rest of the year. Please take a look at the schedule that is printed below and call the appropriate RE office if you are interested in registering for any of these classes.